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3 in Capture the Flag with 2827.39 ranking points.
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Match Stats
Match Date Sat, Sep 18 2021 at 12:52 am Server [PURE] The Realm V2
Mutators AntiTweakV42, Auto Team Balance, Kick Idlers, Map-Vote LA13, Relic: Regen, Relic: Defense, Relic: Speed, Relic: Strength, Relic: Redemption, Relic: Vengeance, Revenge, SmartCTF 4D, Who Pushed Me? Map Name Storm Chaser
Server Info Admin:


Game Info Time Limit: 20
Frag Limit: 0
Goal Team Score: 6
Max Players: 18
Max Specs: 2
Game Speed: 115
Translocator: True
Friendly Fire: 0.000000
Weapon Stay: True
UTStats Actor Version: 0.4.2
Ignored Players: uranus

Game Summary
Frags Kills Deaths Suicides Efficiency Accuracy Avg TTL Time
6 6 11 35.29 11.54 54 09:54

Special Events
First Blood Multis Sprees
Dbl Multi Ultra Mons Kill Ram Dom Uns God

Weapons Summary
 Impact HammerShock RifleSniper Rifle
Kills 1 5
Shots 25 157
Hits 6 15
Damage 133 1202
Accuracy 24.00 9.55

Min Avg Max
44 54 190